Making a world of difference

Come and visit us to see if our centre is a fit for you and your child
If you are interested in visiting our centre or would like to attend our termly parent evenings, please get in contact with us.

Ph 542 0150, 2 Enterprise Drive, PAPAMOA
Our facilities are purpose built and as such both the indoor and outdoor environment are easily and naturally navigated by our children.   Our daily progamme includes mat time, group singing, music, art, and outdoor play.  Materials and equipment are carefully chosen to cover curriculum including:
Practical Life – materials covering exercises for real life tasks including pouring, scrubbing, dressing to help your child develop independence and social skills
Sensorial – materials for colours, shapes, and sounds, refining each of the five senses and allowing your child to distinguish, categorise, relate and assimilate new information to what they already know
Academic - materials for reading, mathematics, science, botany, biology, geography and history, laying the foundation for later cognitive development.
“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own”
Maria Montessori